Make Up Tips for Oily Skin

Make Up Tips for Oily Skin

First and foremost, cleansing the skin is key as this will help to remove any excess oil and impurities. We suggest using an oil-free cleanser that won’t leave any residue. Secondly, try using a light serum rather than a moisturizer to minimize the amount of products on the skin. Finally, opt for a mattifying, oil-control primer prior to foundation to provide you with the perfect base. Our Matte Veil Primer is great for controlling shine throughout the day, whilst keeping skin looking healthy and balanced. Make sure you’re giving problem areas extra attention, i.e. the T-Zone, forehead, nose and chin. We suggest lightly dabbing the product into these ares in particular to limit the amount of excess oil produced throughout the day.

Do you worry about your makeup cannot hold all day? Do you fear to see an oily and shiny face with messy makeup in the mirror? Here are some makeup tips for oily skin!

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(1) Apply Face and Eye Primers

A primer is a must for oily skin to control oil and reduce shine on face. Apply a thin layer of oil-free and water-based primer to your face, especially T-zone, forehead, nose and chin. It can smoothen your pores and make your skin look silky. Don’t use concealer to prime your eyelids. Apply an eye primer to your lids for absorbing crease-causing oil. Primers can help to hold the makeup all day long.

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(2) Choose an Oil-free Foundation

Use a foundation for oily skin type. Liquid or powder-based foundation should be oil-free and mattifying. Just use a sponge to apply a thin layer of foundation. Thick foundation will fade and smudge easily. Mineral powder foundation is also a good choice for oily or acne-prone skin. Please keep your eyelids from the foundation.

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(3) Use Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara

Oily eyelids are the common problem for oily skin. You should avoid kohl eyeliner and choose a waterproof gel/liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara to prevent it makes a mark on your eyelid crease.

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(4) Apply a Loose Finishing Powder

Final step of your makeup is applying a thin layer of loose finishing powder on whole face. Avoid using shimmering powder, which will make your face look oily and shiny. Matte and translucent finishing powder can act as a barrier to reduce excess oil.

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(5) Blotting Makeup Sheets

Once your makeup is completed perfectly, blotting makeup sheets should stand by every time. You can use blotting makeup sheets to absorb the excess oil and reduce shine on your face.


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